20 Questions and Musical Numbers

My friend showed me the delightful game of 20 Questions. It’s easy enough to understand, requires only two people and no equipment, and is much more exciting than Would You Rather. And as two teenage girls who had nothing else to do and were walking around the wooded outskirts of the city with no juicy gossip to discuss, 20 Questions came as a blessing from the heavens. 

Here is how you would play. One person has to think of something, anything. Diabetes, brooms, tattoos, a nebula, the colour blue, hair, arms, and happiness would all be acceptable, as long as the other person knows what that thing is. Now here comes the fun part; the other person has to guess that exact thing by asking only 20 questions. These questions should be answered with a yes or a no, but my friend and I will use ‘what letter does it start with’ and ‘how big is it’, and other vague questions as well. 

It becomes more than a game. 20 Questions is a test to your intellect. It’s like Guess Who except that you are looking at the whole universe. The funny thing is, it isn’t impossible. I myself was able to guess a stretcher, a nebula, a sex toy, and the sun within the 20 question parameter.  

That same day, later in her room while we were watching Youtubers like Smosh (cringe) and Joey Graceffa, our friend from school stumbled up the stairs on her crutches, a tool not foreign to this poor, fragile girl. She must have spained her ankle at least a dozen times this year. Just that day she passed out from standing too long without her crutches at a choir concert. After which, she was rushed to the ER, muttering her crushes name and not able to see for some odd reason. I worry about her sometimes. 

Anyways, we walked around, trudging through what we crudely call Hobo Camps (groves in the trees where people leave mattresses, chairs, side tables and TVs), and taking pictures of the setting sun with her Nokia. After much complaining on my part from the cold, I was wearing short shorts and it was 10 degrees Celsius, we made our way back to the houses. Well not really houses, more like condos. And on our way back to the condos we burst into song. First came ‘Do You Here The People Sing’, then ‘Red and Black’, and ‘I Dreamed A Dream’. We were in the Les Miserables mood. And the ladies in front of us kept looking back, obviously marveling in our angelic voices.

Whatever they were thinking, there’s nothing like an impromptu musical at sundown and I wouldn’t trade that moment for the world.


2 thoughts on “20 Questions and Musical Numbers

  1. I just found three of your posts, sort of by accident; I’m stumbling around wordpress, blindly. I’ve been having trouble navigating here, but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it.

    Your writing is remarkable for a kid still in high school, and quite good for writing in general. That’s really something. I can already tell by your style and voice that you are the real deal. Keep writing.

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