Writers Block

My curled fingers hover hesitantly over the keyboard. Maybe I should do this on Word? Okay, open Word. New document. Really, frozen? At a time like this? Alright, I’ll just create a new post.

What do I write? A poem sounds good. Ugh, but I can never write poetry on the spot. Anyways, this just sounds like a story. Well, not really. I don’t know what it sounds like. Whatever, what to write about? Not a poem, not a story. I can’t write today… Oh! I can’t write today!

Write about how you can’t write. Genius. Not that no one has ever done that before. ‘Who’s gonna read this crap anyways,’ my inner demon says? ‘What does it matter if no one reads this? Be logical, all you are is a fourteen year old girl who wanted to write for gods sake. So just write,’ my inner angel says. Shut up, you two! I’m trying to think.

Now all is quiet. Too quiet. Any second now Alexandra will come screaming down the stairs for me to get off the computer. What’s the point if I won’t be able to finish this? And when will Beverly call me back about the housekeeping? I hope I didn’t do a terrible job the first time. I’ve never cleaned a whole house before so what was she expecting?

No! I can’t think about housekeeping at a time like this. I need to write. 

Okay then. Here’s the thing. I can’t write today. I couldn’t write yesterday. I couldn’t even write the day before that. I typed my symptoms into the Google search bar and I found that my ailment is Writers Block. I tried to find a cure too, but all of the remedies were quite vague and varying. One person said that I should write anyways. Another said that I should wait it out and then inspiration would come to me. But what I’ve heard more than once is that everyone had their own medicine.


Holds me in it’s protective grasp

Writers Block is a stubborn creature

But maybe if I tried to fight her

This time I would write at last

Folk Fest


The Folk Fest is a music festival that introduces people to new artists and bands. Lasting five days, thousands of people camp out outside the festival grounds or drive miles to get there every day from the city. That’s where I’ve been for the past few days. It was my first time there and it was absolutely amazing. I got to see those that I’d lost touch with from elementary school and hear great music from all over the world. 

But that ended a few days ago and the hype of late night raves and bustling crowds is starting to rub thin on my conscience. Now I’m rolling around in my bed at four o’clock in the morning, trying to find sleep that won’t come because my sleeping schedule is so out of whack. So today I made sure to have a relaxing salt bath before I got ready for bed. 

Do me a favour and pamper yourself sometime this week. Have a hot bath. Rub strange oils on your face for reasons you are vaguely aware of. Just relax. Life rushes through us like water and it’s nice to forget what it felt like to be wet with it.

Today I went out to take photos with

Today I went out to take photos with my dad. It’s sort of exciting, because I’m starting to learn how to take photos without a photography class. So far this has been my most productive summer vacation ever and it’s only been a little over two weeks. I’ve been writing like mad, exploring my neighborhood, and, wait… something is missing. Oh yeah, didn’t I promise myself that I would get some volunteer hours done this summer? Shh shh, I’ll think about it some other time…

But seriously, I started this project that was inspired by The Time Traveler’s Wife. In the book it’s structured sort of like a series of short stories that are loosely chronologically ordered. For me I wanted to do a similar thing, but this time have them fly all over the grid. As you continue reading, more is explained and more makes sense, but in a way that’s more interesting than if I wrote about the time span from start to finish (which is about five years). It’s sort of a risk, but it sure is fun to write. It eliminates that part of writing where you don’t know what happens next, but you know what happens in the future. It’s like you’re picking out the interesting bits and putting them together into a literary collage.

I think it’s pretty cool at least. Until next time 😉

Super Sweet Blogging Award

I went on the computer for the first time in days just a few minutes ago (no, I wasn’t avoiding y’all) and was pleasantly surprised to find that I was nominated for the Super Sweet Blogging Award by Storytime With Buffy. Thanks a bunch, Buffy. The whole thing reminds me of tags on Youtube. Youtubers will complete a number of questions and then tag a few people that they want to see answer the same questions. But in this case it’s also someone bravely calling out to you in the darkness of cyberspace and saying, “You’re awesome!”. So I thought I would spread the love.

The Super Sweet Blogging Award


Being nominated means I have some responsibility.

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Answer 5 Super Sweet questions. These can be found down below.
  3. Include the Super Sweet Blogging Award in your blog post.
  4. Nominate a baker’s dozen (13) other deserving bloggers. (Pssst…some do less and nothing bad happens.)
  5. Notify your Super Sweet nominees on their blog.



1. Cookies or Cake? Both? Cookies. I can eat enough cookies to burst my stomach, but cake? Not so much. It normally makes me feel sick. Just thinking about the birthdays from my childhood, with dry confetti cake covered in sugar icing, gives me a migraine. (Cheesecake is an exception).
2. Chocolate or Vanilla? If I ever have to choose between the two I’ll probably go for chocolate. Chocolate cake, chocolate milk, chocolate shakes. But if I want to change it up a bit with things that are stereotypically chocolate, I’ll have vanilla.
3. Favorite Sweet Treat? Ice cream. Or anything cold and sweet for that matter. I especially like pralines and cream ice cream in a waffle cone.
4. When Do You Crave Sweet Things The Most? When I’ve only been eating vegetables for the past week. It works the other way around to.
5. Sweet Nick Name? Pumpkin Girl. I don’t know, ask my mom.





So I know the instructions allowed for less but I only have five. Hehe. Oh well, these bloggers are awesome so check them out!

Independence Day

Happy Independence day to all of you Americans out there! I personally don’t celebrate the holiday but Canada day is only three days before so I still get to see some fireworks. Seeing as most of my audience is American I thought I’d celebrate a little.

What is there to say today? My friend, Anne will be staying at my house for the next 4 days. That’s pretty significant for anyone. But for me that’s just unheard of. I barely have my friends at my house as it is so 4 days is, well, it’s something. I was cleaning most of yesterday. And if I wasn’t cleaning I was probably lying on the couch dreading when I would have to get up and clean again. Or maybe I would be standing in front of the new air conditioner or scrolling down my Tumblr dashboard. It’s never been so cold in my house. (After a quick check I’ve found that my house is actually currently at a whopping 26° C.)

So it’s basically been pretty boring. But let’s make a toast to freedom and watch our metaphorical beer slosh as we light metaphorical red and blue fireworks. Happy Independence day to all!



The Cabin

It turns out that I stayed at Anne’s cabin a bit longer than I had anticipated. I said I’d be coming back on Sunday, but I only came back today, Monday. It was great but I’m glad to be home. Anne’s family definitely doesn’t function like mine does and after a while, I really need a break.

The camp, situated by a sparkling lake and filled with retro buses and Christmas lights, was a German settlement that was overrun by Canadians. Let’s call it the German Camp. It’s always filled with the sound of country music and fireworks. A safe, woodsy, runaway village that is sure to calm the mind from the city life. That is, if you’re with the right people. Anne and her family are great, but they’re like pizza. You just can’t eat it all the time because you’ll get sick of it. Life with them is never quiet, never calm, always bickering. That’s how they like. For me it’s just stressful.

On the bright side of things, it was lots of fun. We went to the beach and I got a tan. I finished reading The Time Traveler’s Wife, an absolutely amazing book that I recommend entirely. We watched fireworks on the beach and roasted marshmallows. I also wrote a lot, surprising myself because I’d anticipated not having time to write at all. But Anne is a writer too so we talked about our books and sat in concentrated silence together, working on our novels.

It was fun to finally get out. It’s great to be back. It’s finally June. exactly two months and three days left of summer. I’d better use it wisely.