Today I went out to take photos with

Today I went out to take photos with my dad. It’s sort of exciting, because I’m starting to learn how to take photos without a photography class. So far this has been my most productive summer vacation ever and it’s only been a little over two weeks. I’ve been writing like mad, exploring my neighborhood, and, wait… something is missing. Oh yeah, didn’t I promise myself that I would get some volunteer hours done this summer? Shh shh, I’ll think about it some other time…

But seriously, I started this project that was inspired by The Time Traveler’s Wife. In the book it’s structured sort of like a series of short stories that are loosely chronologically ordered. For me I wanted to do a similar thing, but this time have them fly all over the grid. As you continue reading, more is explained and more makes sense, but in a way that’s more interesting than if I wrote about the time span from start to finish (which is about five years). It’s sort of a risk, but it sure is fun to write. It eliminates that part of writing where you don’t know what happens next, but you know what happens in the future. It’s like you’re picking out the interesting bits and putting them together into a literary collage.

I think it’s pretty cool at least. Until next time 😉


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