Independence Day

Happy Independence day to all of you Americans out there! I personally don’t celebrate the holiday but Canada day is only three days before so I still get to see some fireworks. Seeing as most of my audience is American I thought I’d celebrate a little.

What is there to say today? My friend, Anne will be staying at my house for the next 4 days. That’s pretty significant for anyone. But for me that’s just unheard of. I barely have my friends at my house as it is so 4 days is, well, it’s something. I was cleaning most of yesterday. And if I wasn’t cleaning I was probably lying on the couch dreading when I would have to get up and clean again. Or maybe I would be standing in front of the new air conditioner or scrolling down my Tumblr dashboard. It’s never been so cold in my house. (After a quick check I’ve found that my house is actually currently at a whopping 26° C.)

So it’s basically been pretty boring. But let’s make a toast to freedom and watch our metaphorical beer slosh as we light metaphorical red and blue fireworks. Happy Independence day to all!