My Strangest Dream

While I wait for my clothes to dry I thought I’d tell you guys about the weirdest thing I’ve ever dreamed.

The strangest dream I’ve ever had was a couple years back. I was in third person, which is unusual for a dream, and watching a girl. She lives in a town where everyone really likes trail mix, that’s all I know about her. When I first see her she is chasing a boy through a field. The boy has her friend’s water bottle, which he stole from the girl in question, and this girl doesn’t want to lose something her friend graciously lent to her.

There’s a barn up ahead so he runs into it. In the center is a wooden stair case that spirals down into a black abyss. He runs down until darkness is about to swallow him and then he accidentally drops the bottle over the edge. The girl is furious and she stomps up the stairs. Now the barn is a vintage apartment building and an old woman is waiting for them. She tells them that if they lost something in the abyss, to come back at dinner with a present for her husband. Whoever brings the better present will be given the water bottle.

So they both come back, the girl with her best Lulu Lemon sweater to give to the old man. She’s sure that she has beaten the boy and is even more convinced when she sees that he’s brought a giant gummy worm that’s deformed and dusty. But the old man picks the candy. The girl leaves, raging about how unfair it is, and the boy stays to be lead to the water bottle. The girl goes home, where she looks out the window at the sky. In the dream it looks strange, like a million tie dye ponds of purple, turquoise, pink. Even the girl thinks this was odd, although she is in dream land. Over the horizon she could see the silhouette of the the barn against the sky. Then all at once, a hand reaches up from the barn and pulls down the moon. The girl knows something is wrong and she runs back to the house.

She gets to the house just in time to jump on a roller coaster like contraption, riding on a single metal strip that winds up and around the barn. There is the old man and the boy from earlier. The sky is still in tie dye colours and the moon is gone. There are also giant safety pins hanging on the metal strip and gnomes on the roof.

All of a sudden it’s dark. But as my eyes adjust (yes, now it’s me), I realize where I am. I’m in my elementary school gymnasium. Someone has turned off the lights and it’s almost completely dark, except for a faint glow that meant they were slowly booting back up. But what was really strange was that the room was filled with young girls dressed in bumblebee costumes. They were all chasing us.

Somehow I knew they were dangerous, so I ran for my life. For some reason though, I decided it would be a good idea to take a quick washroom break. The change room (also a washroom) had a long line up. Everyone in the line was one of the killer bees outside. But we all waited patiently for our turn nevertheless. As I waited for my turn that’s when I woke up.

I remember it was so strange and vivid, all of it still fresh in my mind, that I got up at 3 am and wrote it down as fast as I could. If anyone is good at dream interpretations, I’d love to hear what you think of this one, because it still perplexes me years later.

What are some strange dreams you have had?