I Woke Up At 4 In The Morning And Called The Police

This morning I woke to cussing outside my window. Just someone screaming, ‘F*CK YOU!’ in the alley. Or at least that’s what it sounded like. This isn’t unusual in my neighborhood. It’s not a very rough place, but it isn’t surprising to hear a rowdy young man screaming something at a friend late at night. 

I knew something was wrong when he kept cussing. Even more disturbing, I could hear furniture being thrown across a room. I looked at the clock. Five minutes had passed since I’d been woken up and I looked out of the window. There wasn’t anyone in the alley but I could still hear the screams. The next words shocked me.

“Kill me. I dare you to kill me. I dare you.”

Scared, I woke up my mom, who sleeps beside me. There was a fight across the street, I told her. So she called 911. Five minutes later they were there, four squad cars. You would think they wouldn’t have the need for more than one but they’d dealt with this guy before. He was a menace. Last time it took four police men to take him down. 

Needless to say, all the neighbors were awake and peeking through their blinds, trying to find the source of the commotion. The man was taken from the house in cuffs about twenty minutes after mom called the police. 

Meanwhile the birds were chirping and the sun was rising. What a beautiful start to a beautiful day.

On a better note it was my brother’s graduation today! Congratulations, Quincy, on passing a milestone in your life!