IB is the bane of my existence

Oh, would you look at that? Look who sauntered back into the blogosphere with their tail between their legs. That’s right. It’s me, Epiphany.

Am I here to stay? Probably not, but I thought an explanation for my sudden and indefinite disappearance has been long overdo. The explanation is IB. This, of course, stands for International Baccalaureate, an curriculum which drew its origins from frequently uprooted military families. Because the kids were always on the move, army parents wanted an international system which was tough enough to be accepted at any post-secondary institution, but would also be available wherever they moved next. Now, studious children from all over the world have been taking this program to A) Prove to themselves and others that they are super brainy, B) Earn transfer credits for university, or C) Get away from all of the idiots in normal stream.

Here is the thing; I’m procrastinating right now. That’s right, as I type this short blog entry I am going insane because the thing I love most in the world (writing), is distracting me from doing the thing I hate most in the world (Biology homework). For some reason, even though I overtly chant, “I don’t want to do this, I don’t want to do this,” while I write about phagocytic lymphocytes and lysozyme, it is still ranked extremely high on my to-do list.

How do I get good grades, something which I’ve trained myself to believe will make or break the rest of my life, while still having the time and energy to write, read, draw, and have fun? Sometimes I feel like it’s impossible, and I question what is so important about school when ‘preparing for your future life’ makes your present life suck. That’s why I say that IB is the bane of my existence.

Yet just watch me, I’ll continue to do it, I’ll continue to copy notes until my hand feels like it will fall off, I’ll continue to slave away until it’s over, because they said it would be worth it. It will be worth it.


Now, it’s 4:44 pm and the sun is going down. Maybe I’ll make another post once I’ve finished all of my homework. Expect a long, long wait.